Monday, April 16, 2007


Why do some people find the concept of predestination so difficult to grasp?

As a muslim, belief in predestination is a basic tenet of faith for me. Christians belief in it too although I am not sure about the details.

God is the all-knowing Creator of everything. His knowledge transcends time. Thus He knows the future. Being the Creator, He willed everything into existence. He is the ultimate Cause. When you add all these together, you arrive at predestination!

But does that free everyone from the consequences of their actions? No! Because God in His wisdom has granted free will to human beings. Because of His knowledge, God knows what His creatures will do and where they will end up. By creating them with freewill, He set in motion a chain of events whose end-result He knows. In this way, everyone is already predestined.

Clearly, there is no room for fatality here. does this make sense?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Breaking the vicious cycle of lethargic procrastination

So much work to do. so little time. What should I do? Just thinking about the load of work dampens my morale making it hard for me to start. How do I break this vicious cycle?